2 Fun Cycling Trips For People Living In Manhattan

New York City is jammed pack with cars and it can be nerve wracking to ride a bike on the streets. However, there are lots of places to ride that don't have cars whizzing by. There are the parks, of course, but there are also some really nice bike trails that are in the area that are designed solely for cycling trips. The trails are, for the most part, completely separated from vehicular traffic. This is great because it allows you to relax and enjoy the ride and not worry about avoiding reckless drivers.

Van Cortland Park in The Bronx To Tarrytown Lakes Park In Westchester

This is a great, long ride. It's about 18 miles in one direction, so if you want to really hit the trail and get some miles in, this one is perfect. Also, there is almost no access to cars for the entire stretch. The trip starts in Van Cortland Park in The Bronx. There is a very old path through the park called the Putnam Trail. This trail is not paved, so it can be tricky if you don't have a mountain bike. That said, the trail is only one and a half miles long, so you if you run into stretches that are a bit rough you can always walk it. At the end of the trail you will hook up with the paved South County Trailway. This begins right at the end of the city line. The fist section of the trailway is in Yonkers. It is paved and runs right up through the different towns in Westchester. You will pass through large parks such as Tibbets Brook, where you will be in the midst of a huge tree lined forest. At the end of the run you can spend some time in Tarrytown Lakes Park and have lunch before turning around and heading back to the city.

To get to the starting point, Van Cortland Park, you should take the #1 train to the final stop, 242 street and Broadway in The Bronx. The park is right outside the train station.You should exit the raised platform and enter the park and follow the signs for the Putnam trail. The entrance to the trail is located right next to the lake.

Battery Park To The Cloisters

If you want a shorter trip, one that won't take the entire day, then you should think about riding the Hudson River greenway from Batter Park up to The Cloisters. Battery park is located at the southern tip of Manhattan. The Cloisters are located up in Inwood, near the northern tip. You will be riding on the Hudson River greenway the entire way. This is a specially designed path for bikers and joggers that runs up the west side of Manhattan.

You can take any train to South Ferry station (the southern most subway stop in Manhattan) and then walk over to Battery Park and get on the trail. The Cloisters are located near the end point, in Fort Tyron Park. You can print out a map that will also illustrate a few other points of interest along the route (Chelsea Piers, Intrepid Museum).