A Few Ways To Help Out-Of-Town Wedding Guests With Accommodation Costs

When you have a bunch of friends and family coming to your wedding from out of town, they end up spending quite a bit of money to join you on your special day. While you cannot be expected to foot the bill for everyone's hotel rooms, there are ways you can help mitigate some, if not all of the costs. Since you will be busy with the many other details of your wedding, you can ask your parents to look into the following options. [Read More]

3 Amusement Park Vacation Tips For Seniors

The happiest places on earth don't have an age limit, which is why amusement parks are a popular destination for young and old alike. For seniors planning a vacation to an amusement park, planning is key to ensuring an enjoyable time. Unlike the many vacation tips aimed at children and young families, the following pointers are just for seniors. Tip #1: Choose the Right Package Not all amusement park vacation packages are for children. [Read More]

Date Night In Yangon, Your Next Romantic Getaway

When the majority of couples think of doing a vacation together, certain things come to mind, like fancy wine, the Eiffel Tower, or maybe a sandy beach on the equator. Certain less romantic things that also come to mind, however, are huge bills, long lines, and tourist traps. Finding a hidden vacation spot for a honeymoon or other romantic getaway for less than the cost of an arm and a leg is a tough task, but one place that should jump to the top of your list is Yangon, otherwise known as Rangoon, Myanmar. [Read More]

Commonly Asked Questions Concerning Limousine Services

Riding in a limo can be an impressive experience, which can make using limousines an important strategy when you are needing to impress someone. Fortunately, there are limousine services that make renting these vehicles a simple task, but if you have never reserved this type of automobile, you may not understand what to expect from this process. After you consider the answers for these couple of common limo questions, you will be better able to make choices about these services as an informed consumer. [Read More]