Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Charter Bus Driver

Gathering with family and friends to rent a charter bus and explore a new part of your state or a neighboring state is sure to be a fun time for everyone. No one has to worry about driving, you can stop at several locations along the way and you'll all be together in one vehicle. It's important to remember that as you're having some laughs and snapping photos, your bus driver is working hard to keep on schedule and provide you with a smooth ride. It's ideal to consider tipping the driver as a way to convey your gratitude for the service he or she provides throughout the day. Here are three things to know about doing so.

It's Common To Take Up A Collection

Regardless of how your group has divvied up paying for the charter bus rental, a common approach for tipping is to have each person contribute -- after all, everyone on the bus is benefiting from the driver's attentiveness in many ways. If you're the organizer of the event, it's beneficial to share this information with those who will be traveling with you beforehand. Doing so gives everyone the chance to ensure that they're carrying small-denomination bills to make tipping easy.

The Guideline Is About $1 Per Person

The tipping guideline for your charter bus driver is an easy one to remember -- each passenger should contribute $1 toward the tip. A simple way to gather this money is to pass a hat around toward the end of the excursion, although you might also consider walking up the aisle and soliciting tips from each passenger instead. If you've decided that you will take care of the tip yourself, you simply need to count the number of people on the charter bus and then base your tip off this amount. The convention for tipping is to hand the cash to the driver upon reaching your destination, but you can also place it in a tip jar if one is present.

Tipping Variables

Although you can't go wrong with tipping $1 per person, you or members of your group might opt to tip a little extra if the driver has gone above and beyond to ensure everyone has a memorable time. A driver who shares interesting details about the area you're visiting can warrant a larger tip, as can someone who takes time to take several group photos with passengers' cameras upon reaching a particular landmark or destination.

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