The Limo Bus: A New Way To Travel In Style

Most people know that limousines are luxury cars made to take you around in style. The cost of renting a limo can be high, and they can only hold so many people at a time. That's where the party bus comes into play. A party bus is similar to a limo because it's lush and luxurious, but it can hold a lot more people than a regular limousine can. If you're thinking about getting an awesome mode of transportation for your next get together, take a closer look at these awesome vehicles.

Top 5 Maintenance Tasks For The New Boat Owner

Do you own a boat larger than a small motorboat? Is this the first year that you've owned a boat and you're still wondering what sort of work needs to be done on or to the boat? Here are some important maintenance tasks that need to be done to keep your boat in top running condition: 1. Hull cleaning: Although boats are specifically made to float and stay in the water, even larger boats need to be pulled from the water at least once a year and washed down.

Adding A Bicycle Speedometer To Maximize Travel Efficiency

The ability to measure speed and distance is as important to many cyclists as it is for motorists. Performance statistics are essential for analyzing current and proposed routes of travel. A bike rider can realize gains in riding effectiveness by installing a small digital speedometer. Also referred to as a cyclocomputer, the typical cycling computer is slightly larger than the face of a wristwatch. It is usually mounted on top of your handlebar for convenient viewing.

How To Arrange A Charter Flight On A Private Plane

In the modern world, time is of the essence. Today's world is so fast-paced, time is often worth more than money. The last thing you want to do is waste it--whether that's in your commute to or from an airport and your destination, to having little or no lines to delay you once you get there. This is where charter services for a private plane come in handy. Unlike commercial flights, they are much more customizable, making your journey much faster and easier.

3 Easy Ways To Avoid Price Adjustments When Shipping Freight In The Future

With manufacturing centers moving further and further away from consumer markets, products are traveling greater distances in order to reach store shelves. If you engage in the shipping of freight on a regular basis you understand just how important it is to save money on these shipping costs. Adjustments made to the cost of freight shipping after an initial quote is given can be costly, but the good news is that these additional costs can be avoided.

The Dock Of The Bay: Wet Vs. Dry Boat Storage

You've finally purchased the boat of your dreams, but now you need to figure out where—and how—to store it. Careless storage can destroy the cosmetic appearance and mechanical performance of your boat.  Paint will fade and upholstery will rot from constant exposure to the sun and humidity.  Even the engine is susceptible to water damage if not properly stored. Ideally, you have the garage space at home and an adequate towing plan in place.