Flightseeing -- A Different Way To See The Sights

Sightseeing tours are often a part of people's vacation plans, as these allow them to see the most popular tourist sights while a guide shows them around and explains the importance of all these sights. This type of sightseeing typically consists of a bus or walking tour. It isn't always possible or feasible for people to see some natural attractions in this manner, however. One alternative that makes this possible is flightseeing. This involves flight tours over an area in either a helicopter or a small airplane.

Type of Sights

It isn't easy to see large natural sights, such as mountains, glaciers and volcanoes on foot or in a vehicle. These are the types of sights that flight tours typically take people to see. For example, you can take a flight tour to see the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam from above in one day. Many of these tours land near the Grand Canyon and then let you take a bus to a few different viewing platforms so you get the best views both from ground level and above. These types of tours allow you to see a large area of land in just a short time, leaving more time for other activities and allowing you to see more overall.

Helicopter Versus Plane

There are pros and cons to both planes and helicopters when it comes to flightseeing. A helicopter will get you closer to the ground, but is typically more expensive than a plane. In a plane, you'll be able to get a scenic view of the landscape and look down on large natural attractions to see the overall picture. Planes are also a better option on some glacier flightseeing tours. For example, those going to see the glaciers in Denali Park in Alaska can only experience a glacier landing where they can get out and walk on the glacier if they take a plane. Helicopters aren't allowed to land within the park, although they can land on other nearby glaciers. Flightseeing in this area typically costs about $140 to $240 for a 60 to 90-minute tour in an airplane or $260 for 50 minutes in a helicopter.

Comfort and Safety

These tours are relatively safe. Some people will feel more comfortable in the closed-in environment of a plane, and this type of transport is usually more familiar to people than a helicopter. However, both types of aircraft tours are well-regulated for safety. In the U.S., the F.A.A. oversees their operations and has set rules in place to ensure they're as safe as possible.

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