Flightseeing -- A Different Way To See The Sights

Sightseeing tours are often a part of people's vacation plans, as these allow them to see the most popular tourist sights while a guide shows them around and explains the importance of all these sights. This type of sightseeing typically consists of a bus or walking tour. It isn't always possible or feasible for people to see some natural attractions in this manner, however. One alternative that makes this possible is flightseeing. [Read More]

Six Things You Don't Want To Miss When You Visit The Bahamas

Whether you are chartering a yacht to the islands visiting a port-of-call off of a Caribbean cruise, there are some things you won't want to miss in the Bahamas. The Bahamas consists of 700 islands that stretch from Florida to Haiti, with a variety of cultures and influences that make them each distinctive. Check out some of the reasons visitors return again and again to the Bahamas: The shopping. When visiting the Bahamas, check out the shops and stores. [Read More]

Considering a Hotel before Your Early Flight? Why You Don't Want Drive Far the Morning of Departure

If you have an upcoming early morning flight and a long commute to get to the airport, you may want to consider getting a hotel room near the airport instead of making the drive the morning of the flight. There are a lot of issues that can arise when you have an early morning flight, and you don't want to risk having to buy another ticket for a different departure time because you're late. [Read More]

Three Things To Know About Tipping Your Charter Bus Driver

Gathering with family and friends to rent a charter bus and explore a new part of your state or a neighboring state is sure to be a fun time for everyone. No one has to worry about driving, you can stop at several locations along the way and you'll all be together in one vehicle. It's important to remember that as you're having some laughs and snapping photos, your bus driver is working hard to keep on schedule and provide you with a smooth ride. [Read More]